About Me

May LyI am a certified Holistic Health Coach and Mother of 3. My food awakening journey starts as a cross cultured kid growing up in South West Sydney in the 80’s. Arriving as a Vietnamese refugee and immersed in the many cultures that gathered around in the suburbs meant we travelled the world in one day with our palates. 

My childhood home was filled with a whole range of aromas and flavours, from comforting simmering soups or umami punches to ghastly fermented stenches which seemed pretty normal until some of ‘my friends’ pointed out the smells. 

We had jars of preserved and fermented vegetables, 72 hour broths simmering on the stove, (way before ‘bone broth’ was a thing), our own veggie and herb garden – as all Vietnamese did. Self sustainability is drilled into us. My grandmother’s instructions to my oldest brother as we left Vietnam by boat, handing him a packet of seeds ‘as soon as you find your new home, plant these seeds so you will have food to eat, grow your own food’.

And that’s exactly what we both ended up doing, he has his own food forest which sustains his family of 5 and I’m currently running a regenerative agriculture project feeding our team of 30 and supplying the local community with fresh, vibrant organic produce.

It wasn’t a direct dash to here, the universe helped direct and guide the fateful twists and turns from one learning to the next. Living a carefree lifestyle of eating as I pleased growing up, to chronic illness in adulthood with my children’s health suffering as well.

Becoming a mum gave the greatest opportunity and motivation to find something different. Learning how to use food to heal when all other options had failed again and again. Healing my children’s severe eczema, ADHD symptoms, recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (listed as one of the top 18 deadliest pathogens of 2013 – read here), tic disorders and other behavioural disorders, my own pre-diabetes, chronic fatigue and autoimmune condition. 

Working with my Holistic Doctor and continually doing my own research, exploring various dietary protocols (Paleo, GAPS, AIP) and wellness practices including Qi Gong, Reiki and other forms of Energy Medicine redirected me back to the kitchen, back to the garden and on a mission to share. 

I started with food to heal the body, it revealed the mind and it’s beliefs. I started to work on the mind and rediscovered the innate wisdom that resides within. The answers are already there! The reconnection to spirit and the body’s supernatural abilities to heal and thrive. I hope you find something here to ignite your journey as I continue ours… it’s a pleasure to meet you on the way!