Health Coaching Services

How I can help you as a Health Coach

As a holistic health coach I am here to help you navigate your journey to better health, happiness and wellness. I will assist you in making positive health choices for long lasting lifestyle changes by identifying the challenges and habits that might be holding you back. I will help you define a customised action plan to work towards your desired goals with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body cared for as one.

What’s my experience

I am a certified Health Coach by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a mother of three with experience and a special interest in gut health and fermented foods. I have studied and personally experienced many dietary protocols for adults and children to assist in achieving better health and my desire is to help you do the same.

What you can expect

When you work with me, you can expect to be heard, felt and understood. We will work together to make conscious food and lifestyle choices that will most benefit your needs with a holistic approach. You will feel ready to commit and succeed with support on your journey.

My philosophy

I believe what we eat should positively benefit, nourish and heal our body, focusing on whole foods with an emphasis on super foods to boost the beneficial value, eating smarter. My desire is to enlighten the foodie within each individual to make informed choices with realistic balance.

In addition to our physical needs for nourishment, I also believe in nourishing our mental, emotional and spiritual needs for achieving long lasting optimum health, happiness and wellness.
These needs are all interconnected.

Having had many years of experience using various protocols to achieve better health and wellness, I do not personally advocate for any particular dietary protocol as a one size fits all. I like to keep an open mind for myself and my clients to listen to their body and make informed positive choices that suit their needs, referring to dietary protocols when needed for additional assistance and changing the tools as needed.

Individual needs are ever evolving and can be influenced by age or environmental and geographical factors. What worked for one at age 20 may not work for one at age 40, just as what worked for one living in a developed country may not work for one who has relocated to another country that may still be developing.

This is why I believe in enlightening the foodie within, only you can truly know your needs to achieve your goals and my role is to help you find it.

List of Services

Initial 30 Minute Phone Consultation – Free of charge

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Individual Coaching Session USD $120 (Skype & phone appts available)
1 hour health coaching session

6 Pack Coaching Session USD $600 (save $120)
(Skype & phone appts available)
6 x 1 hour health coaching session, scheduled weekly or fortnightly

Teen Coaching Session USD $120 (Skype & phone appts available)
1 Hour Holistic Coaching Through Puberty Diet, Cooking Lessons, Food Education, Teen Support & Mentoring, Holistic Skin Support and Remedies for Acne. Be heard, be safe, be empowered with knowledge and have fun.

6 Pack Teen Coaching Session USD $635 (save $105)
(Skype & phone appts available)
6 x 1 hour health coaching session, scheduled weekly or fortnightly

1 Week Gut Health Reset USD $490 or 2 Week Gut Health Reset $850

(Available in Ho Chi Minh City only)
Reset the body, the mind and jumpstart your your journey to better health & wellness with the ultimate gut health starter package. Combining three of the most powerful nutritious gut healing superfoods (bone broth, fermented vegetables and kombucha) along with personalised coaching, empower yourself with the tools to reset the body.

The gut health reset is also known as a bone broth fast and can be used as an elimination diet to identify problem causing food groups. It follows the GAPS (gut and psychology syndrome diet) protocol created by Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and successfully used to heal and improve many conditions including eczema, allergies, behavioural and mood disorders, autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, IBS and digestive disorders. It is also extremely effective for weight loss.


  • 1 week reset – 2 x 1 hour health coaching session
  • 2 week reset – 3 x 1 hour health coaching session
  • 30 minute bone broth cooking lesson
  • full supply of bone broth for reset duration
  • full supply of fermented vegetables for reset duration
  • full supply of kombucha tea for reset duration
  • customised eating plan after gut health reset

4 Week Group Coaching and Healing Lunch Pack from USD $165
Minimum 6 pax Maximum 8 pax

  • 4 wholesome 1.5 hour lunches over 4 weeks
  • Includes 4 healthy savoury dishes, 1 healthy sweet dish & recipes
  • Fermented Vegetables
  • Kombucha tea, hot tea, water
  • Recipes cards for all meals
  • Group coaching or cooking demo – you pick the topic for each lunch
  • Food allergies and requirements can be catered