• White Tiger Qi Gong

    My Next Adventure Back in Australia


    I am super excited to announce my relocation back to Australia, in the beautiful Byron Bay area, joining the team at Conscious Ground Kitchen to continue creating my yummy wholesome recipes with the organic produce grown on the farm. It is an absolute dream to be a part of such a wonderful project, focusing on how food is grown, cooked and served for optimum health and wellness to caring for the earth with sustainable and regenerative farming practices. After four years living in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s a welcomed and exciting change although I will definitely miss the local…

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  • What are the benefits of Qi Gong? Interview with Master Tevia Feng of White Tiger Qi Gong School

    May Ly

    I completed my first 3 week intensiveย White Tiger Qi Gongย teachers training in 5 Elements with Master Tevia Feng and am about to complete my second intensive training in 5 Animals . It was my first experience with Qi Gong and I didn’t know what to expect and understood that Qi…

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