What are the benefits of Qi Gong? Interview with Master Tevia Feng of White Tiger Qi Gong School

May Ly
White Tiger Qi Gong

I completed my first 3 week intensive White Tiger Qi Gong teachers training in 5 Elements with Master Tevia Feng and am about to complete my second intensive training in 5 Animals . It was my first experience with Qi Gong and I didn’t know what to expect and understood that Qi Gong has been around for thousands of years to promote health, wellness and longevity with devotees around the world attributing their Qi Gong practice to their exceptional state of health and slowing down the effects of aging. Anything that has been around for that long must be worth trying out and I also knew that Master Tevia Feng’s delivery of the program is probably one of the best Qi Gong training programs available.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – Snake Creeps Through The Grass for the Spleen, releasing anxiety, bringing in nurture with the element of earth and a golden brown colour

I have been on my healing journey with food for over six years now, with great success in healing myself and children using various protocols such as the GAPS and Autoimmune protocol. Healing chronic fatigue, brain fog, joint pain and being bedridden for months to restoring my functions and reversing my autoimmune condition including my antibodies. I found myself symptom free BUT living a limited life with conditions. I had to be strictly gluten and nightshade free. I was told by my Doctor I would most likely have to follow this for the rest of my life otherwise my symptoms would return, within this wonderful community I have been immersed in with healing through food, this was the belief too.

And that’s where the true healing started, first with changing my belief, that I could and will obtain a body with true health and wellness without limitations. I knew it was possible.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – Tiger for the Lungs, releasing grief and bringing in joy – as you can see it works! with the element of metal and a white gold colour

I am so happy to announce within recent  months I have been able to reintroduce small amounts of nightshades and gluten, if you are healing from an autoimmune condition, I know you’re with me on this win! This means I can now eat out without fear of contamination of food that would trigger my symptoms leaving me bedridden for days or weeks with joint pain and brain fog.

I found the missing link to my true healing. It started with food and restoring the gut which restored the physical functions. Then nurturing and healing in the emotional body which impacts the functions of the organs. The Taoist have known this for thousands of years with the physical body being optimised with the digestion, absorption and elimination process while the emotional trauma stored within the organ system causes dysfunction and illness to set in, disrupting the physical functions. White Tiger Medical Qi Gong releases and transforms the emotional trauma from the body, connects the spiritual body with meditation and heals the mental body with awareness of the belief systems, focusing on maximum human potential.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – Leopard for the Liver, releasing anger and bringing in forgiveness with the element of wood and a beautiful green colour. Let me tell you how many of these Leopards I have done! haha

There are many forms of Qi Gong, White Tiger Qi Gong is one form taught by Master Tevia Feng and in my personal experience, has the best delivery in theory, training and practice.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong’s Five Virtues – Patience, Wisdom, Benevolence, Courage and Sincerity

What is White Tiger Qi Gong?

White Tiger Qi Gong sits under the Medical Qi Gong branch, following the Taoist principles under the teachings of Lao Tzu (Lao Zi), based on nature with no hierarchy, nature is the only ruler. This practice harmonises one with nature, focusing on the spirit, body and breath. Medical Qi Gong was developed over 2000 years ago when Chinese Doctors realised patients were healing faster with dynamic Qi Gong over those who did not have any practices or were doing more static Qi Gong. With over 3000 types of Qi gong, these are five main branches, it’s important to know what type of Qi Gong to practice for your personal needs:

  • Taoist
  • Buddhist
  • Confucian
  • Medical
  • Martial

There are three major components of White Tiger Qi Gong, listed here from the White Tiger Qi Gong site:

Meridian Qi Gong:

Qigong exercises that twist, coil and uncoil the body all the way to hands and feet wring out the meridians like a towel, squeezing out toxins, trauma, toxic emotions, healing injuries, and creating balance throughout the fascial system.

Organ Qi Gong:

Qigong exercises that squeeze out the organs like a sponge which squeezez toxins and emotions out of the organs and allows vital circulation and Qi to penetrate deeply inside the organs. It helps give rooms for the organs to relax in their sphere.

Bone Qi Gong

Bone Qigong exercises contain deep stances that twist and wrap the tendons all the way into the bone, improving circulation into the bones and increasing the density of bone marrow, thus, improving health, bone strength, boosting the immune system, and longevity.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – Dragon for the kidneys, releasing fear, bringing in courage with the element of water and a dark blue colour and some Drone photography fun!

What are the benefits of White Tiger Qi Gong?

  • True deep relaxation – relax the body, relax the mind. Where real healing can take place)
  • Increased concentration – enabling higher performance and seriously good for teenagers! I can personally say I witnessed this in my son during the course who as a child was diagnosed with ADHD
  • Boost sexual energy – since meeting Master Tevia Feng and learning from him this area of my life is just next level and I think everyone should
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve sleep
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved digestion, absorption and elimination
White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 8 Trigram – Diamonds and some Drone photography fun!

What really drew me to this form of Qi Gong is the recognition of emotions and state of mind being directly linked to one’s health. Transforming these emotions within the body are an integral focus, and this is exactly where I found the missing link to my achieving the true state of unconditional health and wellness beyond food. The emotions and trauma held within my body and mind were contributing to me dis-ease. How does one release or transform these emotions and trauma from the physical body?

This is where the magic of White Tiger Qi Gong’s training comes in. In addition to learning the forms of Qi Gong, we spent 3 hours a day on theory, learning more than just Qi Gong. We explored so many interesting topics including:

  • Where the emotions are stored in the organs and fascia, how to transform and release them using movement, sounds and meditations
  • Gut and organ health including the sympathetic and para-sympathetic states
  • The basics of classical Chinese medicine (and the differences with traditional Chinese medicine)
  • What is fascia, the latest research and it’s application to Qi Gong
  • Mindset and how to change it
  • Various meditations and breathing exercises
  • Maximum human potential (seriously why aren’t we all exploring how to become super human?!)
White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – Crane for the heart, releasing excess joy, bringing in peace with the element of fire and the colour of red

White Tiger Qi Gong is suitable for everyone, my 14 year old joined me on the 3 week training and he was completely blown away including the theory which he found so interesting. We met people from various backgrounds inluding health professionals, business people and people on their own healing journey ranging from age 14 to over 60 with all different physical capabilities. With the exploration for maximum human potential White Tiger Qi Gong also attracts professional athletes and high performance individuals looking to explore peak performance and human potential powers.

You can join upcoming training retreats here or explore some of White Tiger Qi Gong’s online courses here.

White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements – yes we fit in some fun too with some Drone photography!

Interview with Master Tevia Feng of White Tiger Qi Gong School

  1. Can you share with us a little about your journey into Qi Gong?I started Qi Gong when I was 7 years old. My father practiced Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga and my mother was a Yoga teacher. My parents found a good Qi Gong Master and I went everyday after school. I initially studied Martial Qi Gong where I learnt how to use Chi to break through wood, that was a great initiation to Qi Gong as it got me excited as a child about the potential of Qi Gong. I continued training in Martial Qi Gong until I was around 19 years old and then I started delving into more longevity forms of Qi Gong. Around the age of 23 I started to study Medical Qi Gong, by 25 I began to develop a speciality and focus in Medical Qi Gong which has continued to this day.I have a keen interest in Medical Qi Gong because of the longevity aspects, I also find it to be a deep form of Qi Gong with so many practical applications. I call it functional Qi Gong because a lot of other forms of Qi Gong I couldn’t grasp what the function really was or apply it to my life but with Medical Qi Gong, I found it extremely applicable to so many situations to balance the body, mind and spirit.
  1. Which Masters and Qi Gong schools did you train in?I’ve trained and specialised in a sect called Tian Ji Dao which is a secret sect in China, the Longmen Pai sect known as the Dragon Sect, Jin Dan Pai known as the Golden Elixir Sect, amongst these I have studied forms of Bagua which is the 8 Trigrams, 5 Element Fist Xingyi Yi, 5 Animals Medical Qi Gong, 8 Trigram Medical Qi Gong and 5 Element Medical Qi Gong
  2. I personally met with several people during my training with you and learnt about the healing they experienced with Qi Gong, some short of miraculous, including a 21 year old who was told he wouldn’t walk again after damaging his spine in a car accident, a 50+ year old recovering from cancer and physical trauma also told he wouldn’t walk again and 60+ year old man who needed a knee replacement and walking frame. It was incredible to see how they moved so effortlessly during the practice and defied their medical diagnosis to regain full mobility. You have a similar story yourself, could you share that with us and a how Qi Gong helped with the healing?I was in a brutal car accident when I was 19 years old and Doctor’s told me I had to have surgery on my spine, my knee and possibly my neck, there was no other options available except surgery. I went to my Master and he told me not to do the surgery yet and to try this simple Qi Gong exercise called the Wave. I did this excercise 5-10 minutes a day and it helped with the pain. Sometime’s I needed to do it multiple times a day for the pain just so that I could sit and after a few years the pain would start to go away for a while and come back. After four years it was completely gone with no pain anymore. Now 21 years later, I probably have a healthier spine than most people I know, ‘knock on wood!’, and I am grateful for that practice.I have also encountered different infections living in the tropics and South East Asia, despite parasitic infections I have been able to maintain my energy levels and squeeze a lot of the toxins out out due to the Qi Gong. I went to a Harvard Medical School Doctor who was shocked to find out I had parasites because I looked healthier than most people period and so by looking at me on the outside he couldn’t tell I had chronic infections compared to the patients that did. He said whatever that qi gong you’re doing it’s keeping your body functioning at optimum levels despite these parasitic infections.So these are some of the physical things Qi Gong has helped me with, but most importantly emotionally going thru the ups and downs of life, the rollercoaster of life, the turmoil that we all go thru, the darkness that we all go through in life, Qi Gong has kept me in my centre and taught me to maintain a centre. My practice has become my centre and that centre is my home, so my home is always within and no matter what happens in life, if you always have that centre, you always have your home and you’re never lost. Qi Gong has kept me thru thick and thin, thru the darkness and light and everything so I am eternally grateful and loyal to it for those incredible benefits that i reap from it in those respects.
  3. I’m sure there are many people out there really intrigued about White Tiger Qi Gong’s training now with all the healing everyone has experienced, is this ‘normal’ for you to witness?Yes, I  have seen people reach incredibly heightened states of awareness through the White Tiger Breath where we can tap into other states of consciousness that normally we don’t know how to tap into or using other parts of the brain we weren’t taught to use.
  4. Can you tell us a little bit about your White Tiger Qi Gong training school?I’ve been teaching for 13-15 years and I started to get more serious about 8 years ago in teaching. My White Tiger Qi Gong school started about 5 years ago and it’s now grown beyond my wildest imagination. Back home in the USA, I was teaching free classes, in China I was leading Qi Gong retreats in the temples and we would have around 8-10 students maximum. I now have between 40-50 people at each training which is phenomenal.
  5. How is this different to a Qi Gong training program delivered in China?Significantly different in that we have a focus and development of Sports Science and Classical Chinese Medicine which is different to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I don’t know any other school in China that has worked together with professional educators to create a truly step by step program that is designed methodically for any beginner to advanced Qi Gong practitioner in the way we have.We also have online courses and books to match the curriculum to support the student in the continued learning. The training is also delivered by a native english speaker so nothing is lost in translation as you would get if you studied in China.Many Master’s won’t deviate from their own Master’s teaching even if it’s wrong and at risk of causing injury to some people which I found in China, a lot of the stretching methods were archaic and not up to date with modern safe methods of stretching and ways to work with the student that are proven to be better for their learning.We work with proven educational standards and the most advanced educational methodologies, and continuously updating the curriculum and the learning materials for the students to maximise their learning experience.The location of the training is also important, I only teach in clean areas with beautiful nature and clean food as I developed a high level of heavy metal toxicity during my many years training in China.In putting together the curriculum, I assembled team that I felt was capable and had a skill set that I didn’t have so we could enrich the program. I first started working with Chris Summer who is a fascia and anatomy expert to help put together the anatomy and fascia program. I worked with Brian McMahon in the US who is a Classical Chinese Medicine Doctor for the development in the curriculum and now work with Ben Elan who is also a Classical Chinese Medicine Doctor to further enrich the curriculum.I also worked with a professional curriculum creator for schools from Australia to help create a solid curriculum to lead people step by step. Now I have Adrian Baker who has a Masters degree in education from Stamford on the team to further develop our curriculum to whole other level.I’ve begun to work with Joseph Schwartz who is an expert in connective chain and the nervous system and it’s application to sports science. I’m always looking for more specialists to work with who have an interesting unique skill set within the sports science, maximum potential and Classical Chinese Medicine to integrate their teachings to help take it to the next level.
  6. What other modalities and specialist trainings have you had experience with?I am also certified in Qi Gong Tui Na which is a form of medical acupressure Qi Gong with outgoing chi therapy. I am certified in fire and magnetic cupping and have self studied fascia, sports science, sports medicine, anatomy. I’m continually learning all the time including wilderness survival, different telepathy methods, different breathing methods, multiple styles of yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Kundalini and I’ve practiced many other sports like scuba diving.
  7. The 3 week intensive program was incredibly transformative, physically and emotionally for me personally. What are some of the unexpected things people can expect during the training?One of the things people experience is an emotional detox and physical detox of toxins that exist in their body. They might experience new ranges of motion as they increase their mobility thru the Qi Gong methodology that we have.As we go through the stages of healing, transformation and accessing maximum human potential, it is this first stage that you start the healing process and it can be uncomfortable as you are going deep into the tissue of the body going into the emotions where the old trauma is stored. It is now scientifically proven through fascia science as we release that trauma, we might even feel that release coming up. Which means you can relive the emotional experience of the trauma. This is a positive, even though uncomfortable, like going to the toilet or vomiting when you’re sick.So we have someone who is well experienced in psychology on site to help people cope with those traumas, for other people the healing might be old injuries and the release of the old physical traumas stored in the body and toxicity being release from the body that been stored in the tissue and organ for years.For people exploring their maximum human potential, people start to tap into their energetic potentials, feeling more energy than they have, feeling a sense of peace, balance and calmness which they haven’t experienced before because once they can squeeze the toxins and emotions out they are all to tap into some deep levels of relaxation and a sense of oneness with themselves.
  8. What is one recommendation you could give someone starting on their transformation journey?You must be dedicated to yourself, that dedication is key in this process, if you give up you have to start over again, make a commitment to yourself to stick through. It can get tough, it can get challenging, you might have to face things you didn’t want to about yourself and that’s the beauty of the process and the rewards that you will reap afterwards are incredible so keep your commitment and dedication to the practice which is the commitment and dedication to yourself and your own healing.
White Tiger Qi Gong
White Tiger Qi Gong 5 Elements Teacher Training Complete with this amazing group

Hope to see you at the next training!

with Love and Light,

May xx

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