5 Incredible Uses for Banana Peels that really work!

May Ly

I was at my friends house and attacked by mosquitos as it was approaching dusk (and coming into the wet season). I had 2 bites that became large welts on my face due to my sensitive skin, several on my legs and was incredibly itchy and uncomfortable. I don’t like using insect bite creams so I was desperate to find some relief. I recalled reading somewhere that rubbing the inside of a banana peel worked. I was so lucky to find one last overly ripe banana on my friends kitchen bench and ripped a piece of the peel off and applied it to my bites holding it for about 1 minute per bite. I couldn’t believe it worked! after about 10 minutes the crazy itchy feeling disappeared (although the welts were still there), the relief was incredible. I really had to share this experience!

banana peel uses
5 Incredible Uses for Banana Peels that really work

How funny is this, I also found out that mosquitos are more attracted to you if you recently consumed bananas. Mother nature really gave us everything! eat bananas and attract mosquitos then keep the peels to relieve the mozzie bites! So not only is the banana great to eat, full of vitamins and good stuff, the peel is very useful too. Here are five of my favourite uses for banana peels that really work:

1. Insect bite relief – instead of reaching out for some SOOV or other itch cream, use the inside of a banana peel to soothe the itch. This works amazingly well. It relieves the itch only, my welts were still there but it was good not to scratch and make the area more inflamed and irritated.
2. Anti-wrinkle / ageing treatment – after cleansing or apply the inside of the peels to your forehead. I have a one ingredient facial mask recipe here, using just mashed banana which instantly brightens and moisturises dull skin. I use this mask about 3 times a week and finish off with the peel. I will tell you in about 10 years how the peel goes 😉 but the mask works really well and instantly brightens the skin!
3. Instant shoe polisher – ever needed a quick shine on your leather shoes before you step out of the door? just rub the inside of the banana peel. This totally works! (just don’t use it on nubuck, suede or matt/grain leather)
4. Ripen a hard avocado – I grew up knowing this trick, so it’s probably not news to many, but you basically place the avocado with a ripe banana in a paper or sealed bag and leave overnight (you can then also try my 2 ingredient anti-aging facial mask made from banana and avocado here 🙂 The banana peel release ethylene which induces ripening of the avocado (or other fruit) so it’s best to keep bananas separate from your main fruit bowl!
5. Leave on the floor for your husband to slip on, sorry I mean in your garden soil about 1 – 2 inches deep (chopped into pieces) to repel pests such as aphids. The banana peels decompose pretty quickly too which will fertilise the garden.
banana mask
Banana one ingredient facial mask recipe

Here are 5 other great uses for the actual bananas themselves which will give you their magical peels spare to use for the above tips:

2 Ingredient fluffy pancakes
2 Ingredient fluffy pancakes

Thttps://www.loveurbelly.com/2015/05/fluffy-2-ingredient-banana-pancakes.htmlhanks for visiting! If you know of any other uses for banana peel that you have tried, leave a comment below. I would love to hear your experience!

5 Incredible Uses for Banana Peels that really work!