Vietnamese Hai Nan Chicken

May Ly

One of my favourite recipes that mum makes on a regular basis is her version of Hai Nan chicken. A whole poached chicken, with lots of coriander, spring onions and a fresh ginger dipping sauce served with rice cooked in the chickens broth. Each year they grow their own ginger in a pot, harvest time is around July and the last harvest gave them almost 1.5kg of fresh organic home grown ginger (you can learn how to do it here). I’m so glad I’m going to be back home in Australia this July, as the first thing mum will be making is her Hai Nan chicken!

Vietnamese Hai Nan Chicken recipe

I had the pleasure of sharing my mum’s Vietnamese Hai Nan Chicken recipe on my friend Ashley’s site My Heart Beets. She is one of my favourite paleo bloggers and if you have been following me for a while, you know that I love and use her 3 ingredient Paleo Naan recipe a lot (I also feature it in my own recipes as a base see – Paleo Okonomiyaki & Vietnamese Banh Xeo (Pancake). Her butter chickenis also on permanent rotation on our meal plans and one of my favourite treats is her 2 ingredient caramels.

I’ve posted these pics on my instagram account a while back, but here they are again. It’s making me hungry!

My heart beets butter chicken
My dad doesn’t follow paleo, but he requested that I make double batches of the butter chicken after the first time I made it, pictured here with the nut free version of the paleo naan.
My heart beets 2 ingredient caramels
How good do these 2 ingredient caramels look?
they make the perfect clean treat gift, just wrap in some baking paper and string 🙂

It doesn’t stop here, this girl also has her own grain free sweets book with only 5 ingredients or less sweet treat recipes. Can she get anymore awesome?

Here’s the gorgeous Ashley Thomas of
Ashley has given me such amazing advice and support when I first started out with my blog. You cannot beat a great cook with a beautiful heart! You can follow Ashley on:

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Hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to visit and say hello to Ashley 🙂

With love and light,

May xx